Alchemy: Certified Mental Health Coaching

Certified Mental Health Coach Training

Dive into the field of mental health coaching with Foundations of Alchemy. This expertly crafted program is tailored for those dedicated to championing mental well-being and guiding individuals towards emotional resilience. Inspired by the ancient art of alchemy, our course seamlessly blends the elemental aspects of mental health, offering a balance of theory, hands-on practice, and deep personal growth. Participants will navigate the nuances of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements, each representing distinct facets of the human psyche. From honing core coaching techniques to understanding the complexities of emotional wounds, Foundations of Alchemy provides the tools and insights to become a catalyst for positive change. Whether you’re charting a new career direction or enhancing your existing expertise, our certified program promises a comprehensive and enriching learning experience. Join us and lay the foundation for a brighter, mentally healthier future.

elements of alchemy

From the moment you begin the Alchemy Mental Health Coaching program, the path to completion is clear and concise. In just over 3 months, you’ll emerge as a Certified Mental Health Coach, equipped and ready to establish your practice. No other mental health coaching program equips you for real-world challenges as comprehensively as Alchemy’s Mental Health Coaching Program.


  1. Designed by a Licensed Psychotherapist: The curriculum is meticulously crafted by a licensed psychotherapist, ensuring that the content is rooted in proven therapeutic practices and offers a deep understanding of mental health dynamics.
  2. Elemental Approach to Mental Health: Delve into the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements, each representing unique psychological facets. This elemental approach offers a holistic perspective on mental well-being, blending ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques.
  3. Core Coaching Techniques: Acquire foundational skills tailored for mental health coaching. From active listening to effective questioning, these techniques form the bedrock of impactful coaching, ensuring you can guide clients with confidence.
  4. Understanding Emotional Wounds: Gain insights into the complexities of emotional traumas. Learn strategies to identify, address, and facilitate healing, empowering clients to move past their wounds and embrace a brighter future.
  5. Hands-on Practice: Engage in immersive practical sessions where you’ll apply coaching techniques in real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach ensures that you’re well-prepared to handle diverse client needs.
  6. Personal Growth Focus: Beyond skill acquisition, the course emphasizes profound personal development. Reflect on your journey, understand your strengths, and grow as both a coach and an individual.
  7. Advanced Coaching Modules: Dive deeper with specialized modules on trauma coaching, cross-cultural coaching, and ethics. These advanced topics ensure you’re equipped to handle a wide range of client challenges.
  8. Interactive Learning Environment: Benefit from a dynamic learning setting that includes live sessions, introspective reflections, and group discussions. This interactive approach fosters collaboration, feedback, and a richer learning experience.
  9. Certified Program: Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certification that stands as a testament to your expertise, dedication, and skills in mental health coaching, enhancing your professional credibility.
  10. Supportive Community: As part of the course, you’ll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. This network fosters mutual growth, continuous learning, and offers a platform for collaboration and support long after the course concludes.

Program Features

The Elements

Alchemy is deeply rooted in the elemental aspects of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Each element symbolizes a unique facet of the human psyche and coaching approach. By understanding and harnessing the power of these elements, participants can navigate diverse coaching scenarios with adaptability and depth, ensuring a holistic approach to mental well-being.

Course Delivery

Our Mental Health Coaching program is thoughtfully structured to provide a blend of virtual and in-person learning experiences. Participants engage in three interactive Zoom meetings, interspersed with three immersive live weekend sessions. Between these sessions, assignments and projects ensure continuous learning and application of the skills acquired.


At the heart of the Alchemy program is a robust mentoring system. As a participant, you’ll benefit from the guidance of two seasoned Coaches/Facilitators, ensuring personalized feedback and growth. Additionally, the camaraderie and shared insights from your peer group further enrich the learning journey, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.

Time Commitment

Commitment is key to reaping the full benefits of the Alchemy program. Outside of the scheduled sessions, participants should anticipate dedicating at least two hours per week for assignments, reflections, and practice. This consistent engagement ensures a deeper understanding and mastery of the coaching techniques introduced.

Experiential Form

A standout feature of the Alchemy program is its emphasis on experiential learning. The intensive weekend sessions are designed to provide a hands-on approach, where skills are not just taught but practiced in real-time. This rapid development and stacking of skills ensure that participants are well-equipped to handle real-world coaching scenarios upon completion.


Investing in the Alchemy program is an investment in your future as a certified mental health coach. With an easy payment plan, participants can opt to pay $333 per module, totaling $1998. Alternatively, a one-time payment of $1798 is available for those who prefer a singular transaction. Both options are designed to provide flexibility and ease for participants.

Training Begins January 14, 2024

Elite Mental Health Coaching Certification

Schedule and Syllabus

Module 1 – January 14, 2024 (Zoom)

Kick off your Alchemy journey with a 3-hour Zoom session scheduled at 6PM EST. This inaugural session is more than just an introduction; it’s the beginning of a collaborative learning experience. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and connect with your cohort, forming the initial bonds that will strengthen over the course’s duration. We’ll dive straight into discussions centered around the pre-course assignments, ensuring everyone starts on the same page. Additionally, this session is pivotal in setting the tone for the entire program. Together, we’ll establish group agreements and set clear expectations, laying the groundwork for a respectful, productive, and enriching learning environment.

Module 2 – January 26-28, 2024 (Live)

Prepare for a transformative weekend with a comprehensive live session that starts on Friday at 6PM and continues through Saturday and Sunday from 9AM to 6PM. This module is a journey into the foundational Earth and Water Elements of the Alchemy program.

Begin with the Earth Element, exploring the art of strengthening containers, welcoming vulnerability, understanding the cycle of re-creation, and effectively mapping your clients. As you delve deeper, you’ll be introduced to the Coaching Toolbox, where core skills come to life. Master the nuances of listening, craft powerful questions, utilize stem sentences, emphasize concreteness, and cultivate an environment of unconditional positive regard.

Transition into the Water Element, where the focus shifts to deepening vulnerability, processing emotional catharsis, and exploring the unconscious realms to access shadow aspects. The Coaching Toolbox expands further with techniques tailored for the Water Element. Learn the importance of holding self and space, attuning and co-regulating emotions, extending genuine empathy and validation, ensuring depth in conversations without shallowing out, and employing strategies like doubling and intensifying for impactful coaching sessions.

Module 3 – February 18, 2024 (Zoom)

Join us for a dynamic 3-hour Zoom session, scheduled to commence at 6PM. Module 3 is designed to foster a collaborative learning environment, where participants can actively engage in group discussions, sharing insights and experiences. The session provides a platform for peer-to-peer coaching, allowing participants to apply their acquired skills in real-time scenarios, while also benefiting from observing their peers in action. One of the session’s highlights is the feedback segment. Here, participants receive constructive feedback on their coaching techniques, ensuring continuous growth and refinement. This module emphasizes the importance of collaboration, observation, and feedback, all crucial components in the journey to becoming a proficient coach.

Module 4 – March 8-10, 2024 (Live)

Immerse yourself in a weekend-long live session that delves deep into the Air and Fire Elements, two pivotal components of the Alchemy program.

Starting with the Air Element, participants will explore the art of accessing and trusting their intuition, a cornerstone of effective coaching. Dive into the nuances of listening, differentiating between the process and content, and master the skills of shifting energy, improvising on the spot, and maintaining a fluid coaching flow. The session will also touch upon the importance of humor and the technique of ‘shallowing’ to lighten intense moments. Participants will also learn to identify and address limiting beliefs that can hinder progress. The Coaching Toolbox for the Air Element introduces directed reflection, reframing, interpretation, and the impactful technique of exaggerating the gestalt to bring clarity to coaching sessions.

Transitioning to the Fire Element, the focus shifts to harnessing one’s power and translating theoretical knowledge into practical application. Participants will learn the intricacies of directing the coaching process, igniting motivation, passion, and purpose in their clients, and mastering the art of confrontation and feedback. The Fire Element’s Coaching Toolbox equips participants with advanced techniques and providing constructive feedback and confrontation, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle a range of coaching scenarios.

This module promises a comprehensive exploration of advanced coaching techniques, ensuring participants are equipped with a diverse set of tools and strategies to excel in their coaching journey.

Module 5 – April 7, 2024 (Zoom)

As the Alchemy program progresses towards its grand finale, Module 5 serves as a pivotal juncture, bridging the gap between the course’s teachings and the final live session. Conducted via Zoom, this session is both a reflective space and a preparatory platform.

Participants are encouraged to share their journey thus far, discussing experiences, insights, and any challenges they’ve encountered. This collective reflection not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also helps identify areas that might need further attention during the final live session.

Moreover, this session is instrumental in setting the stage for the upcoming live weekend. It offers a comprehensive overview of what to expect, ensuring participants are mentally and emotionally primed for the culmination of their Alchemy journey. It’s a strategic preparation, ensuring that every participant is geared up to extract the maximum value from the final live session and transition seamlessly into their coaching careers.

Module 6 – April 26-28, 2024 (Live)

Reach the end of your Alchemy training with Module 6, an intensive live weekend designed to refine and solidify your coaching prowess.

Begin by mastering elemental agility, ensuring you’re adept at navigating through various coaching scenarios with ease and adaptability. This module emphasizes the importance of sharpening core coaching skills, elevating your techniques to an advanced level, and delving deep into the specialized realm of trauma coaching.

The Coaching Toolbox for this final module introduces the concept of appropriate self-disclosure, guiding participants on when and how to share personal experiences to enhance the coaching process. You’ll also explore a range of tools, templates, and potential pitfalls, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle diverse coaching situations.

As the weekend progresses, participants will be guided on forging their unique Alchemist identity, blending personal strengths with the techniques and insights gained throughout the course. Dive into the traits and practices that define a successful coach, and learn strategies to navigate challenging coaching scenarios with grace and confidence. The module concludes with a focus on cross-cultural coaching, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting diverse cultural backgrounds and upholding the highest ethical standards in every coaching interaction.

Module 6 is more than just a conclusion; it’s a celebration of the knowledge acquired, skills honed, and the transformational journey you’ve been through.


Who is the Alchemy program best suited for?

The Alchemy program is versatile and designed to cater to a wide range of individuals. It’s an ideal fit for those looking to embark on a coaching career, as well as for seasoned professionals aiming to deepen their existing training. Additionally, if you have aspirations to facilitate groups, retreats, or workshops, this program serves as an invaluable foundation. Notably, completing the Alchemy program is a prerequisite for those interested in advancing to our Advanced Alchemy: Certified Group Facilitation Training. Whether you’re a novice exploring the coaching realm or a veteran seeking advanced skills, the Alchemy program offers a comprehensive and enriching experience.

Are there any prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll in the Alchemy program?

No, there are no specific prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll in the Alchemy program. We’ve designed it to be accessible to anyone genuinely interested in the field of mental health coaching. However, for a richer understanding and firsthand experience, we recommend that potential students attend one of our other retreats or workshops. This provides an opportunity to witness Alchemy coaching in action and offers a glimpse into the transformative techniques and approaches we champion.

How is the Alchemy program different from other mental health coaching programs?

The Alchemy program provides elite mental health coaching for several distinct reasons. Firstly, it’s designed by a licensed psychotherapist, ensuring that the curriculum is deeply rooted in proven therapeutic practices and offers a comprehensive understanding of mental health dynamics. Additionally, while many programs rely heavily on theoretical knowledge, Alchemy believes in the power of hands-on, experiential learning. Our live training sessions, whether Zoom meetings or immersive weekends, offer participants the chance to practice coaching techniques in real-time, receive immediate feedback, and engage in dynamic discussions. This live model ensures that students don’t just learn about coaching – they live it. By interacting with peers, mentors, and facilitators in a live setting, participants gain confidence, refine their skills, and emerge as well-rounded, effective coaches ready to make a tangible difference in the lives of their clients.

Will I receive a certification upon completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing all the modules of the Alchemy program, you will become a Certified Mental Health Coach. However, it’s important to note that this certification isn’t just handed out upon module completion. As part of the certification process, participants undergo peer-to-peer assessments on their coaching skills. Additionally, each participant is required to complete 30 hours of coaching with their current peers. After each coaching session, feedback is essential, ensuring that every certified coach from the Alchemy program meets a high standard of proficiency and understanding.

What kind of post-program support does Alchemy offer?

After completing the Alchemy program, our support doesn’t end. Graduates gain access to our exclusive coach forum, a vibrant community where they can mentor and be mentored, engage with trainers, and connect with previous graduates. This platform offers a continuous learning environment and a space to share experiences, insights, and challenges. Additionally, our community provides ample opportunities for graduates to practice and refine their coaching skills in real-world scenarios. For those looking to transition their coaching skills into a thriving business, we offer an optional course, “Coaching Startup Kit.” This course delves into the business aspects of coaching, providing invaluable insights into setting up and growing a coaching practice. Finally, to ease the process of establishing an online presence, we provide an optional starter website and hosting, ensuring you’ll have all the tools you need to succeed in the coaching world.

Is there a refund policy for the Alchemy program?

Upon placing a deposit for the Alchemy program, your spot in the course is secured. This means that another potential student will not have the opportunity to enroll in that spot. As such, we do not offer refunds for the deposit. However, we understand that commitments can change, and we’ve structured our payment system to provide some flexibility. You have the option to pay for each module individually, allowing you to assess if the course aligns with your expectations. However, it’s important to understand that each module is the foundation for the next. Therefore, to complete the course, you must progress through and finish each module in sequence.

For those who might miss a Zoom call, we schedule one makeup session per Zoom call to accommodate. However, live sessions are crucial to the learning experience and must be attended. If you happen to miss a live session, you will need to wait until the next Alchemy course offering to continue your journey, and you’ll be integrated with a new cohort at that time.

Alchemy Scholarship Available

Is cost getting in your way?

In recognition of those who’ve selflessly served our community, we’re offering a special FULL SCHOLARSHIP to 1 special person for our Alchemy courses! This scholarship covers both Foundations of Alchemy, our Certified Mental Health Coach Training, and Advanced Alchemy, our Certified Group Facilitation Training. 🎓✨

If you’ve been of service and are passionate about deepening your personal and professional journey with Alchemy, this is your chance! The scholarship will be awarded based on merit, financial need, and community service.

Deadline for Application: December 1, 2023
Please ensure you can commit to both parts of the Alchemy program.

Apply now and let’s honor your dedication to the community!