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Featured Volunteers

Celebrating Our Extraordinary Volunteers

At the heart of the Limitless Institute’s success lies the unwavering dedication of volunteers like you. Each day, you bring your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to create a transformative impact on our community. Whether it’s guiding participants through P3, leading Camp Lionheart with boundless energy, or lending a helping hand behind the scenes, your contributions shape the very essence of what we do.

Through your efforts, you’ve helped individuals realize their potential and discover their own power, fostering those incredible “lightbulb” moments. Your dedication goes beyond mere assistance; it’s an embodiment of the hope and growth we aim to inspire within our community. Your presence, your stories, and your willingness to contribute have created a tapestry of shared experiences that makes our community a haven for growth and connection.

As we feature you, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your contributions. Each of you is a cornerstone of our success. Join us in celebrating the collective impact of our volunteers, the embodiment of selflessness, empowerment, and the spirit of giving back.

Anna, Volunteer

Anna Cadieux

I’ve learned how to love myself, love my life, I’ve learned how to lean into hard and scary feelings. I’ve learned how to reach out to others for connection and not isolate. I’ve learned to cry. And scream. And rage. To give it ALL a voice and space, and let myself fall apart in it all, trusting those around me to support me. I’ve learned on the other side of this is understating, insight, forgiveness, kindness, peace and a deeper capacity to love. I’ve learned I’m capable of more than I could have ever imagined.

Chris Lorenz

I volunteer to help people feel their personal power and tap into what they were born with, more specifically, to show men that its ok to be vulnerable, that its ok to cry. You don’t have to conform to the beliefs society bestowed upon you. You can be whoever you want to be and feel the power and freedom that comes along with that.

Jasmine Massey

I have learned so much from this community. I’ve learned how to love myself and others, how to give my emotions appropriate space, and how to heal and learn from past events in my life.