Camp Lionheart – July 21-27, 2024


Camp Lionheart is a transformational experience for high school-aged teens, located at Camp Joy in Apopka, FL. This unique camp offers outdoor adventures, leadership development, and personal growth activities, all designed to inspire courage, confidence, and compassion. Join us in the scenic beauty of Kelly Park for an unforgettable journey that empowers teens to discover their potential and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Introducing Camp Lionheart, a transformative experience for teens located at Camp Joy in the scenic Kelly Park of Apopka, FL, just outside Orlando. This unique teen camp offers more than just outdoor adventure; it’s a journey of self-discovery, leadership development, and personal growth.

At Camp Lionheart, teens embark on a path filled with challenging outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and empowering workshops. Nestled in the natural, private beauty of Camp Joy inside Kelly Park, participants have the opportunity to explore hiking trails, engage in kayaking, and connect with like-minded peers, all under the guidance of experienced counselors.

But the adventure doesn’t stop there. Camp Lionheart is committed to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Our expertly crafted curriculum focuses on building emotional intelligence, resilience, empathy, and confidence. Through interactive sessions and reflective practices, teens are encouraged to discover their inner strengths, develop lifelong friendships, and embrace their potential.

As parents, preparing your teen for such a transformative experience is crucial. We encourage you to attend one of our retreats or workshops. These sessions are designed to provide insights into the transformations that accompany the Camp Lionheart experience, and equip you with tools to support your teen’s journey, while fostering a deeper connection between you and your child. By understanding and embracing the principles taught at Camp Lionheart, you’ll be better positioned to guide and support your teen before, during, and after their camp experience.

Whether your teen is an avid adventurer or looking to step out of their comfort zone and build their self-esteem and confidence, Camp Lionheart provides a safe and supportive environment for growth and exploration. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will shape their future, ignite their passion, and inspire them to become compassionate leaders in their communities.

Enroll your teen today and let them experience the roar of courage, curiosity, and joy at Camp Lionheart! And remember, as parents, your journey with Camp Lionheart begins with our retreats and workshops – a step towards understanding and supporting your teen’s transformative experience.

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