Foundations of Alchemy: Coach Training & Certification


Dive into the world of transformative coaching with the “Foundations of Alchemy” program. This course offers a unique blend of elemental coaching techniques, from mastering core skills to navigating challenging experiences. Participants will explore the depth of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water elements, each bringing its own set of tools and insights. Engage in introspective reflections, crystallize your learning, and develop your unique Alchemist identity. With live sessions and hands-on practice, this program promises not just skill acquisition, but profound personal growth. Whether you’re starting your coaching journey or refining your approach, Foundations of Alchemy is your gateway to coaching excellence.

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Embark on a transformative journey into the world of coaching with our comprehensive certification program. Dive deep into the elemental aspects of coaching, from mastering foundational skills to advanced techniques that cater to specific needs.

Program Highlights:

1. Introduction to the Alchemical Elements: Begin with a foundational understanding of the elemental aspects of coaching.
2. Mastering Elemental Agility: Learn to navigate through various coaching scenarios with ease and adaptability.
3. Sharpening Core Coaching Skills: Refine your basic coaching techniques, ensuring a strong foundation.
4. Advanced Coaching Skills & Trauma Coaching: Elevate your coaching prowess with advanced strategies and delve into the nuances of trauma coaching.
5. Deep Dives into Elements: Explore the depth of each element:
– Earth Element: Strengthening containers, welcoming vulnerability, and understanding the cycle of re-creation.
– Air Element: Map your client’s journey, trust your intuition, and differentiate between process and content.
– Fire Element: Harness the power of motivation, passion, and purpose. Learn confrontation techniques and effective feedback mechanisms.
– Water Element: Dive into emotional catharsis, explore the unconscious, and access shadow aspects.
6. Crystallization of Learning: Solidify your understanding and skills through reflective practices.
7. Reflections: Engage in introspective sessions to evaluate your growth and areas of improvement.
8. Tools, Templates, and Traps: Equip yourself with practical tools and templates while being aware of potential pitfalls.
9. Developing Your Alchemist Identity: Forge your unique identity as an Alchemist Coach, blending your personal strengths with learned techniques.
10. How to be a Successful Coach: Gain insights into the traits and practices of successful coaches.
11. Navigating Challenging Experiences: Learn strategies to handle difficult coaching scenarios with grace.
12. Cross-Cultural Coaching and Ethics: Understand the nuances of coaching across different cultures and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Program Format:

Foundations of Alchemy takes place over 3 months, with assignments before, during, and after each module. These assignments are pivotal to your success and should not be skipped. During our 3-hour Zoom sessions, time will be allotted for questions, and to share ideas, to deepen your understanding and solidify your skills. The program will take place as follows:
1. Module 1, January 14, 2024: 3-hour introductory Zoom call at 6PM EST
2. Module 2, January 26-28, 2024: Live weekend course (Friday 6-10 PM, Saturday & Sunday 9-6 PM).
3. Module 3, February 18, 2023: Zoom call at 6PM EST, focusing on specific elements and techniques.
4. Module 4, March 8-10, 2024:  Second live weekend session (Friday 6-10 PM, Saturday & Sunday 9-6 PM).
5. Module 5, April 7, 2024: Final Zoom call, at 6PM EST
6. Module 6, April 26-28, 2024: Final live session, showcasing your skills, and preparing you for your active practice.

Enrollment & Payment:

Enroll in each session at $333 each.
Sequential attendance is mandatory for a holistic learning experience. (in other words, if you fail to attend a module, or complete the assignments, you will have to wait until the next Foundations of Alchemy course to continue.
Pre-payment required for each session.

Join us in this enlightening journey through the Foundations of Alchemy program. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced coach, these courses promise a blend of theory, practice, and profound personal growth. Secure your spot today!


Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5, Module 6, Full Package (10% Discount)


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