Goddess Retreat: Gaia Rising


Gaia Goddess Retreat at Florida Sand Music Ranch


Reconnect with your inner essence amid nature’s embrace in Brooksville, FL. Dive into a transformative weekend brimming with over 200 workshops, classes, and performances, all inspired by Gaia’s powerful spirit. Nestled within a lush canopy, this retreat promises a unique blend of authentic camping experiences, enlightening activities, and soulful rejuvenation. For those who lean toward a more traditional stay, we’ve got you covered with nearby hotel packages. Join us for a celebration of empowerment and evolution, where every moment resonates with the serene and profound energy of Mother Nature. Dive deep, grow, and awaken at the Gaia Goddess Retreat.

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Goddess Retreat: Gaia Rising

Step into the transformative embrace of Gaia at our inclusive goddess retreat. Settle your spirit amidst the tranquil beauty of Florida Sand Music Ranch in Brooksville, FL. Drawing inspiration from the Earth goddess of Greek mythology, this retreat is a celebration of womanhood, divine energy, and the very essence of our planet. Gaia, revered as the world’s nurturing mother, stands as a symbol of birth, regeneration, and potential. Embodying both endings the promise of new beginnings, our retreat becomes a haven for every woman ready to let go of the past and uncover her true essence.

Nestled under nature’s lush canopy, the ranch emerges as a haven of deep empowerment and evolution. Over the course of the weekend, immerse yourself in an array of over 200 workshops, classes, and performances. Each experience is meticulously curated to echo Gaia’s indomitable spirit. Every session, whether it’s a meditative ritual or an enlightening workshop, is harmoniously blended with the serene ambiance of Mother Nature, offering an experience filled with authenticity, comfort, and soulful rejuvenation.

Our Gaia Goddess Retreat is not just an escape. Instead, it’s a journey towards self-liberation and discovery. Whether you’re yearning to shatter limiting beliefs, reclaim your power, or start a new chapter, this retreat provides the ideal space. Revel in a weekend of transformation, liberation, and sisterhood. Together, we pay tribute to the divine feminine spirit alive in every one of us. Join us, and form profound connections – with a community of inspiring women and with the eternal wisdom and fierce passion of Gaia. Experience the magic of rebirth, renewal, and rediscovery in a setting where every detail is a testament to the beauty and strength of the feminine spirit.

An Inclusive Retreat for All

At the heart of our Gaia Goddess Retreat lies a commitment to inclusivity. We recognize the diverse tapestry of our community and the importance of collective healing and empowerment. Therefore, we’ve curated a pricing structure that makes this event accessible for everyone. We believe that every woman should have the opportunity to connect, transform, and rejuvenate in the embrace of Gaia. Our retreat is more than an event; it’s a movement towards collective growth. Every woman is welcomed, valued, and celebrated. Join us in this shared journey, with empowerment and transformation for all.


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