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Unlock the chains of fear, grief, blame, and anger with our one-day Intensive Retreats. Located near Orlando, FL, these emotional healing retreats provide a supportive environment to explore the gripping nature of our emotions and how they can keep us stuck in patterns that limit our potential. Guided by skilled facilitators, participants will delve into the underlying causes of our fear, anger grief and blame, uncovering how it manifests in daily life and relationships. Through interactive discussions, reflective exercises, and practical techniques, this course empowers individuals to recognize, express, and move through our emotions, both individually and collectively. Through recognizing and openly expressing your emotions, you’ll learn to transform them from a barrier into a catalyst for growth and positive change.

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Embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and transformation through our 1-day Intensives. These therapeutic retreats near Orlando, FL, are meticulously crafted to delve into specific emotional themes such as forgiveness, blame, boundaries, anger, fear, and grief. These short, but intense, events are designed to offer targeted insights and practical tools, enabling you to navigate the intricacies of these emotions effectively.

Open to anyone seeking to explore the benefits of therapeutic retreats in Orlando, our Intensives offer a supportive environment under the guidance of skilled facilitators. Through engaging discussions, introspective exercises, and actionable techniques, attendees are empowered to comprehend and manage these emotions, ultimately cultivating emotional resilience and personal growth. To ensure the most significant impact, we restrict these small groups to a maximum of 10 people.

Whether you’re interested in anger management, resetting fear and limiting beliefs, grief workshops, or simply exploring new perspectives, our 1-day Intensive Retreats provide a valuable opportunity to delve into the heart of what matters most to you. If you’ve already experienced P3, these courses provide an immersive opportunity to fully explore one emotion. They also serve as a great introduction or complement to the more comprehensive P3 Retreat, which guides you through the full range of emotions during an entire weekend. You’ll find that these events invite you to experience our approach to therapeutic retreats in Orlando in a condensed format.

Join us for a day of exploration, empowerment, and connection through our 1-day Intensive Retreats. Enroll today, taking the initial step toward a more conscious and fulfilling life. We’ve specifically designed these therapeutic retreats to resonate with your unique path toward healing and positive transformation.


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Grief Intensive April 6, 2024, Blame Intensive June 15, 2024, Anger Intensive August 17, 2024, Fear Intensive October 5, 2024


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